2018 April China Experience

China Sourcing Trip for Brand Owners April 2018

You DO NOT have to be a Catalyst88 annual mastermind member to join this trip. 
**Catalyst88 members see details in the official mastermind facebook group.


Our team has worked over 15 years to help companies from brand new start-ups to Fortune 500 companies source products from all over the world. Over time we have sourced and supported hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in e-commerce, retail, & wholesale sales channels. 

Part of our core belief is that the world needs more entrepreneurs and we want to do our part to help that.

So, we occasionally, when we have the capacity, will invite fellow entrepreneurs into what we loosely call the Entrepreneur Travel Club. (ETC)

WHAT IS THE Entrepreneur Travel Club?

This is an informal concept designed around the fact that if entrepreneurs with similar goals are able to meet and learn from each other they can all benefit. And by combining business with adventure (like destination trips or cruises) or even business trips with practical learning (like trade shows) there are lots of ways to accelerate your own business opportunities with no risk. These events are not services that are sold in bulk, but instead, a way for our team to give back while we have fun with fellow entrepreneurs.

This trip is operated as a “TRIP SHARE”.

What Does TripShare Mean?

Tripshare mans we calculate the cost of the hotels, meals, airport transportation, group transport on buses, subways, trains as well as our China team staff costs and we bake that all into one cost. Sometimes we even have a few surprises in the budget if everything goes according to plan. 😉
Participants are required to provide their own international airfare to and from China.


hotel cost Transportation from airport to hotel upon arrival.

hotel cost All 5-star hotel accommodations during the entire event.

hotel cost All China transportation from arrival until the final day.

hotel cost All group breakfasts and dinners (and some lunches).

hotel cost Happy Hour adult beverages and hors-d’oeuvres.

hotel cost Any group tourist activities.

hotel cost The cost of Steve’s CHINA team time, travel, etc…

hotel cost All networking and MasterMind meetings.

hotel cost A couple surprise bonuses are often thrown into the mix.

hotel cost An absolute experience of a lifetime!



x mark Your airline costs to arrive in China and depart from China.

x mark Your lunches during the trade shows. (probably 10USD per day * 6-7 Days)

x mark Your cost of a translator during the show events. We’ll coordinate the details for each of you that want a translator and you pay them each day in cash directly. (about 50USD per day * 6-7 Days)

x mark Your cost of transport back to the airport on the last day. (Usually less than $20 USD)

x mark Your cost of any souvenirs or personal shopping. 😉


The basic idea is that you can show up to China without having to worry about any major expenses. We’ll take care of you. We will be your protective bubble. 

Entrepreneur China Trip


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Here are some past China Trip Summaries: (Please note the itinerary changes for different trips so not everything you see in the videos may be relevant to your trip.)

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