Catalyst88 Podcast Network

What is the Podcast Network?

We set up the production and business systems to allow the creators to create and skip the painful business drudgery and then we all share in the benefits.

We believe that creators should have the least amount of friction possible when it comes to getting their vision into the world. We want to help creators find an audience, create a path to profitability, and systemically operate and monetize. We believe we can do this in a positive way so that the podcast community, the podcast advertisers, and the podcast talent AND the podcast network can all benefit.

Our model is simple: Let the creator create. You decide the content and the format. We'll handle the rest. We create custom  IP and Revenue sharing agreements based on the contribution levels of each party that are transparent and fair. Every podcast maintains a Profit and Loss statement every month in our ERP system - with full view of the creator.

Our current Properties:

Other podcasts in the development stage include:

ERP for Idiots 

eCommerce 101 

Global Product Sourcing Perspectives 

Systemic Thinking

eCommerce - Español  

VA Life - Tagalog 

Tech Life - Hindi 

And more....

Each podcast will be led by a host or hosts and each participate will have their own unique approach to their subject matter.

Each host has skin in the game and is a revenue participant in each show. Catalyst88 will provide technology, team, infrastructure and other support to help hosts focus on creating content and sharing the message through social media and the Catalyst88 team will help produce the podcasts, websites, monetization opportunities and much more.

We do not take this challenge lightly. We believe that the objective of a podcast is to enlighten and entertain, but ultimately if a time commitment is made there must be a way to help monetize the time to make it worthwhile.

Catalyst88 has the Parsimony ERP system and that alone gives the global team an edge to produce high quality content and leverage our network to develop sponsorship deals, content syndication, and other concepts to bring greater value to the podcast network audiences.

We are mindful of the monopoly big tech has on information and opinions and we will seek to diversify our technology stack to be sure that we can not be silenced just for exercising our freedom of speech.

If you are a podcast host and you want to host your own show - pitch us by emailing your best idea!